Thanks for your interest in September of Service!

Note that the end time on each project is the time we expect to be back on campus.


Tuesday, September 17 to Tuesday, October 1
Tuesday, September 17
Name Time Location
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis 2:45pm - 5:50pm 894 Isabelle
Wednesday, September 18
Name Time Location
Wolf River Conservancy 12:15pm - 3:20pm 4332 Raleigh Lagrange Rd
Thursday, September 19
Name Time Location
LeBonheur Children's Hospital 12:15pm - 3:50pm 848 Adams Ave
Friday, September 20
Name Time Location
Memphis River Parks Partnership 1:15pm - 4:20pm 251 Riverside Drive
Saturday, September 21
Name Time Location
The Compost Fairy 8:45am - 11:50am 1570 Lamar Ave
Sunday, September 22
Name Time Location
Shelby Farms Park 8:45am - 11:50am 6903 Great View Dr N
Monday, September 23
Name Time Location
Memphis Child Advocacy Center 3:15pm - 6:20pm 1085 Poplar Avenue
Tuesday, September 24
Name Time Location
Mid-South Food Bank 12:15pm - 3:20pm 3834 Knight Rd.
Wednesday, September 25
Name Time Location
Memphis Area Women's Council 3:45pm - 7:20pm Ramesses statue, Central Ave, UofM
Thursday, September 26
Name Time Location
Memphis Athletic Ministries 1:45pm - 4:20pm 2698 Larose
Friday, September 27
Name Time Location
Word of Faith Christian Academy 1:45pm - 4:50pm 3528 Sharpe Ave
Saturday, September 28
Name Time Location
Memphis Tilth (Alpha Omega Veterans Garden) 8:15am - 12:20pm 2226 Ball Road, Memphis TN 38114
Sunday, September 29
Name Time Location
Dorothy Day House 4:45pm - 7:20pm 1429 Poplar Ave
Monday, September 30
Name Time Location
Overton Park 1:45pm - 4:50pm 1914 Poplar Ave